Palace Theatre

The Palace Theatre has been a fixture in Saint Paul’s cultural scene since 1916. Originally built as a vaudeville theater, thousands of performers graced the original Palace stage, including Charlie Chaplin, the Marx Brothers, and George Burns.

Newly renovated and reopened in 2016, I worked on the branding of the theatre including creating the logo, website mock-ups, venue signage, print materials, merchandise, and more.

Palace Logo
I designed logo prototypes for the opening of the Palace Theatre conceptually based on the architectural elements of the building.

Palace Website
I work with our external web developers to design the Palace Theatre website. I put together the layout, style guide, and specific design elements.

Venue Overview Document
A 20+ page document that I designed to be sent to touring bands to provide all essential information they need about the venue in an attractive and efficient manor.


Exterior Signage
Large format window covers and vinyl marquee signs.