Black Hole Soliloquy

Black Hole Soliloquy is a series of seven illustrations created for the Slashthree art collectives' exhibition 'Discovery' where I was the featured artist. Slashthree releases a themed online exhibition of digital and traditional artwork roughly twice year. The group is compiled of artists from all over the world who work collaboratively together to create a cohesive body of work. 

Screen prints of these illustrations were also featured in the Apprenticeship art show 'Found Space' at St. Olaf college.


Artist Statement
There is a familiar dark space that I fall into when I try to understand my place in the universe, one I believe many have felt throughout history. We turn over slowly through time governed by physical processes, where our insights into the systems at work leave us questioning the merits of freewill. It is a system which trivializes feelings of love, empathy, anxiety and despair down to a balance of chemicals. And yet, these things feel so inextricably tangible. How odd it is that the same matter that was once spinning and burning inside a star, or slowly congealing in brilliant luminescent clouds of gas, has manifested in us and began to wonder at its origins. It has began to love and to hate itself, began to feel crippling anxiety and peaceful attunement, began to search back out into itself—Examining the interior of its own ribcage, trying to discover the shape of the whole.

In this series of illustrations, I aim to explore that space. By utilizing personal narrative contrasted against images of outer space, I have attempted to create emotional associations between daily life and the cosmos. I strive to find meaningful parallels in the universe around us and the one within us. I want to fall into the black holes of knowledge in my mind as I futilely strain to understand it all. There is much to be found there, I believe. The answers all hanging, frozen in time and light— the beginning, middle and end all at once.