The Bell Policy Center

Since 2000, the Bell Policy Center has worked to advance economic mobility in Colorado through progressive policy research and advocacy. The Bell’s mission is to ensure economic mobility for every Coloradan.

As the visual communications specialist at the Bell I produced digital and print content to educate and invigorate our audience around political policy innitiatives and research.


Followers Interactive Experience Ad
The Interactive Experience Facebook ad (fka canvas ad) layout allows for a single video (above) to appear in the targeted audiences Facebook and Instagram feed. Tapping the video opens a full-screen interactive display (left) that can hold images, text, videos, and more. This ad was an initiative to build our follower base by allowing viewers to learn more about the important work we do and some of our biggest accomplishments.


Retirement Crisis Interactive Experience Ad
Another example of the Interactive Experience ad layout, this time detailing the issues surrounding retirement savings, proposing a solution, and ending with a call to action.


Video Content
A big part of my work with the Bell is creating video content for use on social media and on our website. The first is an education video about overtime regulations in Colorado. Next is a 4th of July social image. Third, a video discussing Early Childhood Education in Colorado. And, lastly, a video about modernizing Colorado’s benefits. This last video preceded a legislative success with the passing of the Secure Savings Plan in 2019 in Colorado

Research Booklet
A 20+ page research booklet both designed for delivery in print and as an interactive pdf. This book serves as a valuable tool for legislators and policy workers to classify and analyze the various programs that Colorado provides to folks throughout their education and careers.


Inside the Bellway
Inside the Bellway is a donor program for donors of a significant gift to have increased access to the Bell’s policy research and staff. I helped brand the program with the logo (above) and informational cards (right).