Milk & Honey Ciders

Milk & Honey Ciders produces fine American cider from heirloom and traditional cider apples. Their farmhouse cidery and orchard focuses on interesting, dry, highly aromatic ciders made in the rolling hills of northern Minnesota with minimal intervention.

I was commissioned to create unique illustrative artwork for their specialty ciders.


A summer brew made with Golden Russet and Harry Master's Jersey apples to produce a distinct floral bouquet reminiscent of elderflower and lilac.
This illustration features an old fashioned cider press overgrown with flower blossoms, vines, and young apple trees.

HeirloomBack_Printfile copy.jpg

A Milk & Honey signature cider, Heirloom is pressed from a wide variety of different apples which all contribute to its unique and complex flavor. My illustration is reminiscent of an old taxonomy illustration, depicting some of the most prominent apple varieties with their names printed on the back label.

Ice Cider Source File.jpg

The Alchemy cider harnesses the magical brewing power of time. Ages throughout for over eight months over the Minnesota winter, the freezing and thawing enhances the cider's unique flavors. This label aims illustrates that mystical process, showing how seasonal shifts unlock the hidden potential of the apples to produce a cider unlike any other.


The Deepcuts illustration is a label used from all short-run, limited release ciders. It depicts "grafting", an age old horticultural art used on the orchard.


Unknown Brewing Co.

Located in Charlotte, NC, Unknown Brewing is made up of are good people whose mission is to make really great beer and have fun doing it.

bean photo.jpg

Rarest Bean & Madame Butterfly
Rarest Bean is a dark brew that uses coffee beans processed by elephants for flavor. Madame Butterfly is a Blonde Grain Bill as complex yet as simple as Madame Butterfly herself. I was commissioned to make the illustrations for both labels in 2017.